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Anyone who has ever lost a special someone in their life, knows how sentimental the things they leave behind for us are. That is what Huitt Farms is for our family. On September 15, 2016, our family and the entire community lost a very special man, Shirley Huitt, my father.

My dad owned and worked his farm as an Angus-beef farmer for  over 40 years. He woke up at the crack of dawn every morning to tend his farmland, and he absolutely loved it. In fact, he did it every day until the day he was called to leave us.


One thing my dad loved more than working his farm was his family. He was a wonderful loving husband to my mother, Ann Huitt.  It wasn't until high school that the two actually started dating, but they had been a part of each others lives  since they were young children. Throughout their 63 years of marriage, they have raised 6 children together, 16 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren and counting. They are the essential love story that has created our beautiful family. Over the years our large family has gathered at their house located on the farm property to celebrate every holiday and family event. For our family this place is the heart and soul for us connecting and sharing special memories together. It's what my parents loved so much, having their family and friends together on the farm.

Over 17 years ago my husband, Burke, and I moved our family to Greenville for our jobs. My parents had begged us to move back to Anderson to be closer to them and our large family every chance they could. When my father passed unexpectedly, my family felt an even stronger desire to spend more time surrounded by our family and being closer to my we made a commitment to make a way for that to happen. Even though we were a little late for my dad to actually see his wish come true, we smile knowing he's watching from Heaven as we make our way back "home". 


Our family has had everlasting, timeless, and precious memories here on our family's farm, and we hold its sentimental meaning so close to our hearts. We built Huitt Farms venue on the foundation of love, the same thing that my parents originally built this land from, and we hope each and every one of our guests experiences and feels the love we have put into it. 


We happily invite you and your guests to Huitt Farms to have a piece of something breathtaking and magical. On behalf of my husband, Burke, my daughters, Anna and Lauren, my son, Tripp, my son-in-law, Rooke,  and I, we are so excited and honored to be able to share this beautiful place with you! 

Lynne Fairey (co-owner)


Photos of Shirley & Ann Huitt

I'm Anna, and I'm one of the owners, along with my parents & siblings (above) here at Huitt Farms. One of the most important things about our venue, is the reason behind it. As beautiful as the venue is to the eye, our purpose for the venue really isn't visible because it truly comes from the heart. It makes what we do so special, and makes how we do it so important. We've had the absolute pleasure of becoming a small part of so many people's biggest celebrations, and we are beyond grateful that we get to do something so magical everyday. Our venue has become a special place to more than just our family, and we couldn't be more thankful for the outpouring love and support that the community and our guests have given us. Since we started Huitt Farms Venue in 2017, our story has grown longer, our business has grown larger, and our hearts have grown fonder; however, our beginning and our purpose has never changed.  

With that being said, here's our story & how it all started, from my Mom, Lynne:


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